Jimmy Bryan Ft Lauderdale: Steps to Use Data Highlighter

Jimmy Bryan Ft Lauderdale is a passionate digital marketer who has the hunger to learn new things. Jimmy Bryan Ft Lauderdale has the sound knowledge about webmaster. In this post, he discussed about the topic of Google data highlighter.

Jimmy Bryan Ft Lauderdale.jpg

Data highlighter is a google webmaster tool used for showing your data more attractively. For example, if you organized an event in your organization and want to show it on google then use data highlighter and then when google will crawl your data then it is shown as the rich snippet. This is only shown when Google crawled your data.

This highlighter is good only when you are optimizing for Google and not for other search engines and also helpful when you do not have much time.

Here are the steps shared by Jimmy Bryan Ft Lauderdale that will help you how to start data highlighter:

  • Firstly open google search console and then go to search appearance and then go to data highlighter.
  • When you click on data highlighter then click on start highlighting, and then enter the URL of a website you want to highlight.
  • Now click on the drop down the information you want to highlight. Here you will select the schema type you are going to markup.
  • And then start highlighting elements, which includes name, product description, author etc.
  • Now in the last step check everything you marked up and then publish.

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